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Being born in one country and being raised in another has an undeniable effect on Alina (1994) and her work. She embodies her Western (Dutch) on the one hand and Siberian (Asian) views and extremes on the other. The Western world has given her freedom to be what she wants to be, it allows her to be an artist, whereas her Asian nature is somewhat closed or protective yet it allows her to think in extremes as it is a survival strategy. This is also the reason why her work ends up talking about taboos, sanity, absurdity, nostalgia, melancholia and all sorts of feelings and ‘principles’ of control one holds within from what one is taught.


Coming from a quite classical approach to art she tends to mostly sculpt, yet in her recent works her material has grown to sculpting with video. These video sculptures are not as delicate and precise, but reflect quick and awkward methods where she mostly uses herself or amateur actors to re-enact her exaggerated versions of reality. This way she lightens the subjects and proves her frustration, while being inspired by the surreal, sublime and horror. On top of classical and new artistic media her interest in visual elements of pop and kitsch get her art and design pieces to a level of weirdness. This distortion creates confusion and internal thought-provoking questions for the audience that Alina is after.



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Inaestimabile Hermaphroditus

A visual puzzle that is dealing with gender in contemporary Western Society. The baby is used as a symbol of the threshold when a human is born intersex. There seems to be no place for something in between female and male. Considering the binary categorising system that society has, the sex of these babies is to be 'chosen' or 'found'. Looking closer at the work, the audience might become aware that their view is literally and metaphorically coloured. Partly the work shows frustration with binary thinking in the re-enactment of stereotypes and gender presumptions still present in Western society. By playing with boundaries of the two sexes the work is asking for a deeper look at the definition of gender and sex.


As part of graduation I have written a thesis on the topic of gender and the binary system, called ‘Overcoming the Binary: The Influence of an Artist’. This thesis offers a historical overview and examples of binary thinking. Though in recent years one has opened the gender discourse, the Western Society is still living on binary ideals and standards. In history mostly men were in control of divisions of roles in society and assumptions were made about women. Luckily Feminism arose and women started gaining control of their lives and started questioning facts that were put into the world about them. In the 21st century the internet and pop culture are dominating and are shaping the contemporary youth. Therefore it can be a great tool to slowly overcome binary thinking when (pop)artists keep triggering questions about the boundaries of gender expression, roles and norms.


Audience unfamiliar with gender spectrum and existence of Intersex.


Editor, Sculptor, Director, Actor.


What is Beauty and Ugliness? While asking that, the answer came out when researching Cannibalism. With it’s many aspects Cannibalism is Beauty and Ugliness; the taboo, rage, acceptance, ritual and instinct. The question why Cannibalism wasn’t possible in a controlled manner stuck in my mind. This resulted in creating a performance that reflected a ceremony, in which RCC (Ritual Cannibal Club) was an almost religious club. This fictional club would eat attractive people in honor. To them it is a sort of appreciation, a desire and intimacy towards the deceased. To avoid confrontation with groups against the ritual, the club was kept secret and invitations were only giving to people suitable, yet with seducing imagery to create curiosity and lust.

Roles Reversed

From frustration with current norms for and ideas about gender roles, the need to make people experience Cognitive Dissonance became a necessity. In Roles Reversed the ‘woman’ as well as the ‘man’ get their own and each other’s roles. In playing the script out the actor would feel uneasy as the roles reverse as they are playing dominance and how we envision and expect women and men to be. Playing with the two extremes the audience also experiences some feelings of Cognitive Dissonance as one is trying to make sense out of fiction and reality.

Hug vest

In any sort of disaster, natural or by people, the stress levels of the affected can get out of control. To prevent or tone down panic we created a vest that looks like a swim vest, but functions completely different. When one puts this on during or after the disaster the sensor in the vest will trigger the pump when it senses high heart rates. When the vest blows itself up it kind of squeezes the affected. The simulation of the hug might not seem like a solution, but we know that our body automatically feels a sense of relief when we are being hugged. When the heart rate has stabilized itself, the pump will turn off, which results in the vest relieving it’s tension from the body.

We believe that a much greater disaster can be prevented when panic is removed from people’s mental state, which improves their sanity and decision making.

Dependent Space

A group project that was limited to a week. With a group of 6 people we created a multi-player game that stimulates teamwork. The concept is centered around working together where good teamwork is rewarded and bad teamwork punished. The game is placed in a fictional space with different environmental elements that are organic as well as abstract. The point of the game is that the players work together to expand and explore their ‘world’. When more elements are triggered and unlocked by the use of teamwork the view on the screen zooms out to give you an overview of the new elements and parts of the world that you have accessible. Yet when there is no teamwork and the elements that require two people to unlock them are not triggered the world stays small and the players will soon lose their interest.

North Sea Experience

A site specific work that is centered around the Pier in Scheveningen, The Netherlands. Why can’t we experience the sea by visually going in it? The Boulevard in Scheveningen has a seaquarium that teaches and shows people the animal and plant life of seas. The problem I have established is that there is no real experience of the North Sea available at the Pier, Boulevard or Sea Life. The animals and display at Sea Life is not a representation of the North Sea. To accomplish the experience and possibly create an addition to the current Sea Life I came up with a tunnel that leads people into the sea. To enter people will have to pass through a funnel like when fish are being caught. At the end of the tunnel, which is the length of the Pier, there is a opening in the roof of the tunnel to the outside world. Here people are able to look into the sky from the sea and see the birds fly over.

Anti-Rape Activism

As solution to the problem that comes with verbalization of rape an app is created. This app allows victims that often feel ashamed, are still in a dangerous situation or insecure of the procedure and consequences, to verbalize their experience and ask for help. Especially when in a dangerous environment the victims are not able to contact the outside world so easily and might feel like they deserve the abuse, the app could be a discreet way of communicating and asking for help. The app doesn’t mention rape in any way, but provides different ways of communication and stimulates people to communicate. There are options to communicate with professionals as well as fellow victims.

Ode to Childhood Sadness

A tryptic as a portrait. It shows a visualisation in symbolism of what doesn’t fit in family albums. The portrait is my portrait of the period that wasn’t that joyful and one wishes to forget rather than to keep.


A series of photos that create space in a minimalist matter.


Two different people in different spaces yet in a similar situation and therefore related.

Non Lineair

A series of photos that represent the recovery of memory. They don’t always come in the right order and leave things out. This series of photos where part of a installation where the viewer had to click through endless orders of the same photos and would once in a while click through blank spaces as a sign of thought.


A girl coping with loneliness in visuals.

No title.

Personal response to first episode of Black Mirror the series


A visual compilation of the life in a village in Siberia, Russia.

Interpreting Putin

A interpretation of Putin as seen from European eyes.

Case 201

Neo-noir style inspired video.

Nynke Koster - Soestdijk